Frequently asked questions

I didn't receive my $25 FairPrice E-Voucher, what should I do?
  • We're sorry for the inconvenience, please reach out to us via live chat or voice call on your Trust App for us to investigate this accordingly.

Where do I find my $25 FairPrice E-Voucher?
  • You can find your FairPrice E-Voucher in your app, under Rewards > Coupons > Saved coupons. If you can't find it, please reach out to us via live chat or voice call on your Trust App.

How can I use my $25 Fairprice E-Voucher?
  • In your Trust App, under Rewards > Coupons > Saved coupons > Redeem, a QR will be shown for use at any FairPrice outlets.

Is my $25 FairPrice E-Voucher for one-time use only?
  • Yes, the FairPrice E-Vouchers are for one-time use only, please ensure that you utilise it in a single transaction.

I received a FairPrice E-Voucher as my acquisition/referral gift from Trust Bank. Where can I use this voucher? Does it expire?
  • Your FairPrice E-Voucher is valid at all FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Shop, Warehouse Club, Unity online and offline stores (except Changi Airport). Voucher validity is stated on the coupon found within your Trust App. Please note that this is a one-time use voucher.

Will I earn a referral fee if I refer my friend to a Trust product?
  • Yes you will. Simply share your referral code found under Profile > Invite Friends in your Trust App with your friend. Both you and your friend will receive a $10 FairPrice E-Voucher each when your friend has successfully signed up for a Trust product using your referral code.

I've received a referral code. What do I need to do? What benefits do I get?
  • Key in the referral code you've received under "Use Referral Code" at the start of your application. You will receive a $10 FairPrice E-Voucher under "Rewards" once you have successfully registered.

I've received a number of referral codes from different people. What's the difference between each code and are they safe to use?
  • Rest assured that all of the codes are safe to use, each referral code is tied to a different promotion — feel free to use the one that suits you best! Remember, you can only use 1 referral code!

How do I get more chances to win a Tesla from the referral programme?
  • You will receive 1x additional chance for every friend you have successfully referred to sign up for a Trust product. Start referring your friends to join Trust now!

Can I track the chances I've accumulated in winning a Tesla?
  • Yes, you can. Go to your referral page and you will see the chances you've accumulated!

How do I view my referral code?
  • Open your Trust App, head over to your profile and tap on the "Invite Friends" to view your referral code.

How do I participate in the referral program?
  • Open your Trust App, head over to your profile and tap on the "Invite Friends" to share your referral code with your family and friends.

Does my friend get an additional chance for the Tesla Draw too?
  • No, only referrers get the additional chance for the Tesla Draw.

Where can I download the Trust App from?
  • The Trust App can only be downloaded from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store.