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Example: You have an outstanding S$10,000 credit card balance over a 6-month period with another bank
Other bank's credit card
Outstanding balance
27% p.a.
Interest rate
Interest payable
Trust Bank
Balance Transfer
Interest rate
One-time fee
Save S$1,102!
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Balance Transfer is now open to all new Trust customers
Extra cash at 0% interest^
Whether it's getting the latest gadget or going on that dream holiday, our Balance Transfer has got you covered with the extra funds you need!
Flexible repayments
Choose your desired tenure from 1 to 6 months. Plus, make a partial or full early repayment anytime with no penalty fee!
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Fee & Rate
TenureOne-time feeEIR*
1 mth0.88%10.56% p.a.
2 mths1.28%7.82% p.a.
3 mths1.58%6.55% p.a.
4 mths1.98%6.26% p.a.
5 mths2.38%6.13% p.a.
6 mths2.48%5.40% p.a.
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Balance Transfer is a short-term loan in Singapore that allows you to convert a portion of your Trust credit card available limit into funds at 0% interest. These funds can be used to clear your other outstanding credit card balances with other banks or for your short term cash needs.
You must have a Trust credit card to be eligible for Balance Transfer and have sufficient available credit limit. All loan applications will be subjected to the bank's credit checks for balance transfer eligibility.
We only charge a one-time fee when you apply for Balance Transfer. There are no other hidden fees!
3% of the remaining principal will be charged to your credit card statement on a monthly basis. The remaining outstanding balance will be charged to your credit card statement on the last month of your tenure. No separate payment is required. Simply tap on Trust App > Money > Credit Card > Pay credit card.
If you don't pay the full amount due on or before the payment due date, the unpaid principal of the monthly charge amount will be charged a daily interest of 0.077% (27.9% p.a.) until the date the payment is received.
You may make a partial or full repayment anytime with no penalty fee.
^One-time fee applies. We charge your Balance Transfer payments to your credit card, therefore you may incur interest under our credit card terms if you do not pay off your credit card statement balance by its due date.
*EIR reflects the true cost of borrowing. We calculate the Effective Interest Rate (EIR) by considering the processing fee and assuming that each minimum monthly payment is paid on time and that the remaining loan amount is paid in the last month.
Deposit Insurance Scheme: Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$100,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.
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