Frequently asked questions

I am an existing Link member. Will my Link account be linked to my Trust card?
I am not a Link member. Will a new Link account be created for me?
My current Link account is linked to my OCBC Plus!/NTUC Plus! Card. Will I have any issues if I apply for Trust Link/NTUC Link card?
Can my Trust Link card/NTUC Link card be used to identify me as a Link member and/or NTUC Union member?
What transactions do not earn any Linkpoints?
  • The following ineligible transactions do not qualify for Linkpoints:

    • Any cash advance.

    • Transactions on your credit card that are subsequently cancelled, voided, refunded or reversed or incurred by you but aren’t submitted or posted to your credit card.

    • AXS, SAM or ATM transactions made using your credit card.

    • Any insurance premiums. 

    • Any fees (for example annual card fees, service fees, interest, administrative fees, finance fees, and/or late payment fees).

    • Amounts which have been rolled over from any preceding month’s statement. 

    • Any top-ups (excluding Kopitiam card top-ups) or payment of funds to any accounts. 

    • Any transaction classified under any of the following Merchant Category Codes: 

      • Utilities, Rentals and Cleaning Services – 4900, 6513, 7349. 

      • Financial Institutions, Securities – Brokers, Quasi Cash, Insurance, Stored Value Card Purchase/Load and Wire Transfer – 4829, 5960, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6051, 6211, 6300, 6540.

      • Gambling – 7995.

      • Educational Institutions – 8211, 8220, 8241, 8244, 8249, 8299.

      • Charitable services, political organisations, religious organisations and government payments – 8398, 8651, 8661, 9211, 9222, 9223, 9311, 9399, 9402, 9405.

      • Any other fees or payments as we may decide.

    Do note that Trust is entitled to clawback or withdraw any excess Linkpoints issued at its sole discretion.

When will I receive my earned Linkpoints (excluding monthly and quarterly bonus Linkpoints)?
  • We aim to credit the Linkpoints for your Eligible Spend to you in real-time (i.e., as soon as they are earned and posted!). However, there may be times when it can take us up to a day. ^Eligible Spend refers to all Visa transactions made on your credit card, excluding FPG spend and ineligible transactions.

When will I receive my monthly bonus Linkpoints on FairPrice Group spend?
  • Immediately, once you have met your minimum monthly spend for the month, and as soon as the transaction is posted.

When will I receive my quarterly bonus Linkpoints on FairPrice Group spend?
  • Immediately, once you have met your minimum monthly spend for 3 consecutive months, and as soon as the transaction is posted.

How do I view my earned Linkpoints?
  • You can view your earned Linkpoints in a few easy steps: 1. Log in to your Trust App 2. Go to 'Dashboard' 3. Select 'Rewards' 4. Select 'Link Rewards'

What happens to my Linkpoints if I return or refund the product(s) purchased with my Credit Card?
  • Unfortunately, the Linkpoints you had previously earned on the purchase would have to be reversed out of your account.

How can I earn Linkpoints when I'm at FairPrice physical stores?
  • You will first need to:

    • Tap your physical Trust card (if you have received it); or

    • Scan your QR code from the FairPrice app (under 'Payment')

    Thereafter, you may make your payment using your Trust card added to Apple Pay / Google Pay, physical Trust card or via the FairPrice app (where Trust card is added as the default payment mode).

Do I earn Linkpoints when I pay using Apple Pay/Google Pay at FairPrice?
  • Yes, you will earn the monthly and quarterly bonuses if you meet the minimum spend requirement. However, to earn the Linkpoints base rate given by FairPrice Group as well as FairPrice member benefits (if applicable), do remember to tap your physical Trust card or scan your QR code from your FairPrice App (under 'Payment') before making payment.

How does the extension of launch exclusive rewards till 28 Feb 2023 impact me?
  • If your quarterly bonus tracker starts in Sep 2022, there'll be no impact. You’ll enjoy the launch exclusive rewards till 28 Feb 2023. However, if your quarter starts in Oct or Nov, while the new Quarterly Linkpoints bonus rate will apply from Mar 2023 onwards, the launch exclusive Quarterly Linkpoints Cap will apply until Mar 2023 or Apr 2023 respectively.  

    The new Monthly Linkpoints bonus rate and Cap will apply in Mar 2023 for all customers regardless of when your quarter starts. You can view your quarterly bonus tracker under the Rewards section on your Trust App.