Frequently asked questions

  • Trust Bank (known as Trust) is a digitally-native bank, backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group. This partnership brings together a leading international bank and a social enterprise with more than 200 years of combined experience in Singapore.

  • The decision to name our bank Trust was based on extensive user testing here in Singapore. Our users felt strongly that Trust reflects what they want from their bank. It also reflects the values with which we have built our bank and the standing of our shareholders in Singapore. The “us” in “Trust” also represents how we are a bank for all in Singapore – bringing all of us together!

  • Yes. Anyone who would like to learn more about Trust and our product offerings can visit the Trust Experience Centre located within FairPrice Xtra in VivoCity at #B2-23. Our digital ambassadors are on-site to perform these services as well as help customers navigate the Trust app and educate them on performing basic banking activities with it.

    Please note that the Trust Experience Centre is not intended to function like a bank branch. We are unable to carry out any account-specific activities such as updating of customer personal information, addressing transactional disputes and providing updates on Union and voucher redemption status. If you need help with your account, please contact us via the in-app chat or call us at +65 313-TRUST (+65 3138 7878). The Trust Experience Centre is open daily from 11am to 7pm and from 11am to 3pm on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year Eve. It is closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year public holidays.

  • At launch, Trust offers a credit card, savings account and family personal accident insurance. This is combined with a market-leading rewards and loyalty programme integrated with the FairPrice Group ecosystem. Alongside this, Trust also brings specially curated deals to deliver additional savings to our customers through partnerships with brands such as KFC, Starbucks, Viu and Caltex. This offering is the start of our journey and we are excited to be working with our customers to develop this further.

  • Trust is designed and built to operate entirely on your mobile phone, using the latest and best technology. We focus on digitising as many of the traditional processes as possible, we don’t have any branches and we operate 24/7. This allows us to deliver a banking service to you that we hope is easier and faster to use. Our sign-up process is a great example of this as it takes just a couple of minutes for Singapore residents using Singpass.

  • No, but that’s okay. You can sign up for a Trust account on your mobile in just a few minutes and immediately enjoy savings on your everyday spending.

  • All you need is your mobile and latest MyInfo authentication to pre-fill your application form effortlessly. In addition, foreigners residing in Singapore will need to provide the following:

    • To apply for a credit card, you will need copy of your passport and income documents to be uploaded.

    • To apply for a savings account, you will need copy of your passport details to be uploaded.

  • Yes, absolutely. Trust is regulated and supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The SGD deposits in your Savings Account by Trust are protected under the Deposit Insurance Scheme managed by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) for up to SGD 75,000. More information is available in the Consumer Guide for Deposit Insurance Scheme:

  • MyInfo is a government digital service that allows Singpass users to manage their personal data and pre-fill forms effortlessly for online applications and transactions.

  • Yes, you can still sign up for a Trust account without using MyInfo. However, your access to some features of the app will be limited. For a better and seamless experience, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a Trust account using MyInfo. We are working hard on enabling more features soon!

    Do take note that in case you delete or decide to reinstall your Trust Bank app after successfully signing up, Singpass is still required to authenticate yourself when you relogin.

  • You may now update your personal details (address, phone number, email) seamlessly via the Trust App.

    Step 1: Login to your Trust App

    Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon on the top right

    Step 3: Under Profile, go to Settings > Personal Details

    Step 4: Select the personal information that you want to change (address, phone number, email)

    Step 5: For phone number and email, you will need to enter the OTP

    Step 6: For additional verification, you will need to enter your Trust Key to update your personal information

    Step 7: After submission, your request will be completed in 12 hours (phone number/email) or instantly (address)

  • No, you will not be able to cancel your request once it’s submitted. However, you can simply re-submit another update request 12 hours later for phone number & email, or instantly for address.

  • No, you must deregister your previous phone number from PayNow in-app via the two methods below:

    a) Payments screen:

    • Under Money > Payments > Settings (tap on the 3 dots)

    • PayNow Registration > Your registered mobile number > Deregister mobile number

    b) Personal Details screen while updating your new phone number

    1. Under Profile > Settings > Personal Details

    2. Update phone number > After request is submitted > Deregister previous number from PayNow

  • The validity is 90 seconds for Phone number OTP and 4 minutes for Email OTP. You will have 3 tries for each OTP.

  • Phone number: Please ensure you have stable internet/data connection to receive the SMS OTP. Otherwise, click “resend OTP” to retry again.

    Email: Please check your junk or spam mail folder if you cannot find your OTP. Otherwise, click “resend OTP” to retry again.

    Note: If you are still facing issues with receiving OTP and unable to proceed with profile update, please contact our Customer Care team via Trust in-app call or chat for assistance.

  • For update of such personal details, you will need to contact our Customer Care team via Trust in-app call or chat. The estimated lead waiting time is around 3 working days.

  • Our Trust Experience Centre is located at FairPrice Xtra VivoCity, #B2-23 Operational between 11.00am to 7.00pm daily. At Level B2 of Vivocity, head towards FairPrice Xtra and turn left after entering. The Trust Experience Centre is located directly opposite the checkout cashiers.

  • It is mandatory for you to proceed to Trust Experience Centre in person for on-site identity verification if you opted to submit your application manually without using MyInfo. We will need you to bring the original documents of your: - NRIC ID card, if you are a Singaporean/Permanent Resident. - Passport, if you are a work Pass or Dependent Pass Holder. Our representative at the Trust Experience Centre will confirm your identity, after which further processing of your application will commence. You will be able to track the status of your application on your Trust app.

  • You do not need to make an appointment before going for on-site identity verification at our Trust Experience Centre.

  • Our Customer Care Team is always ready to help! Call us at +65 313-TRUST (+65 3138 7878) for assistance.

  • You will be able to resume where you left off on the app. Please refrain from deleting the app unless instructed by our Customer Care Team. In the event your application was rejected, you may delete and reinstall the app to restart the application again.

  • From time to time, the bank may need to contact you for more information regarding your application or your account. To verify that the email is from Trust Bank, ensure that the email address ends in In addition, please note that we will never ask you to share your password or account details in an email. If you have concerns or queries about an email you have received, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team at +65 313-TRUST (+65 3138 7878) or via in-app chat or call.

  • You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails and notifcations in a few easy steps: 1. Log in to your Trust App 2. Go to 'Profile' page 3. Select 'Notification Settings' and change your marketing preference

  • Yes, we offer limited support in Mandarin in the Trust App. You can select your preferred language in two ways — either when you apply for a Trust card OR change it on your Profile Settings via the Trust App.

  • For Singaporeans/Permanent Residents:

    From 1 October 2020, all change of residential address shall be reported via Singpass in the following steps.

    Login to your Singpass and select your preferred language. Ensure that the information you have provided in the application is correct before submitting it.

    You will receive ICA’s mail, containing a 6-digit PIN, at your new residential address. For local addresses, you should receive ICA’s mail within one week.

    Continue with your application at the ICA e-Service.

    For more info, go here.

    For Foreigners:

    Option 1:

    Log in to myTax Portal using your Singpass or Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) and click on 'Update Contact Details' to update your residential/mailing address. The change will be updated within 3 working days.

    For more info, go here.

    Option 2:

    Visit MoM website and follow these steps:

    1. Click on "Log in for EP Online with Singpass" under for pass holders

    2. Log in with your SingPass

    3. Click on Change Particulars "Personal Contact Details and Residential Address of Pass Holder"

    4. Enter Main Pass ID and search

    5. Update your residential postal address and save

  • At the moment, the Trust App can only be accessed on a smartphone.

    • You will require iOS 15.0 or later for iPhone, and Android 8.1 or later for Android.

    • However, for best results we recommend at least iOS 16.0 or Android 9.

  • Simply update your personal information on Singpass and restart the application/sign-up process.