Congratulations to our first Tesla lucky draw winner!



We’re incredibly excited to announce that the first winner of our Tesla lucky draw is Mr Tay Han Koon!

Mr Tay, a retired NTUC Union Member, has won a Tesla Model 3 in the first of our three lucky draws. Anyone with a valid Trust account automatically qualifies for the lucky draw.

When our Customer Care Team called Mr Tay to share the good news, he couldn’t believe his luck. It wasn’t until a member of our team paid a visit to his home to personally break the news to him did it start to sink in.

“I’ve never even won anything at the lottery, let alone such a big prize in my life. I’m so surprised and happy,” he said.

First Tesla Winner

Mr Tay credits his win to his daughter, Ms Annabelle Tay, who has been helping him become more comfortable with digital banking services over the past two years.

“Trust is fuss-free and easy-to-use. Whether you want to spend or save, Trust offers great rebates and interest rates. Using it made me think that digital banking is the next big thing,” she said.

The Trust team had an amazing time meeting Mr Tay and his family – check out the video above to see his reaction to his new ride.

We’ll be giving away a Tesla in December and in January, so don’t forget to refer your friends and family under Trust’s Member Get Member Program to up your chances of winning a Tesla too. Each referral earns you an extra entry to the draw!

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