General terms and conditions

Welcome to Trust! We're delighted you're here. 👋😁

Please read these legal terms carefully. Yeah, we know, the legal stuff isn’t the most exciting stuff, but it’s very important that you read our terms because they tell you about our relationship with you, how our terms may be changed, what to do if there is a problem and other important information. We’ve tried our best to make our terms as easy to read as possible.

Our terms are between you and Trust Bank Singapore Limited (we/us)📖

You agree to our terms by applying for our products or services. Our terms include: (a) the general terms in this document, (b) the product terms for our products and services, (c) the Key Facts Sheets for our products and services, and (d) the information we provide to you when you apply for any product or service. If there is any inconsistency between these documents, the product terms will take priority, followed by the Key Facts Sheet, these general terms, then any other documents (in that order). You must also follow any additional guidelines or instructions we provide.

Some pages on the Trust App may also be available in Chinese. Please note that the Chinese pages might not be 100% accurate and complete. This means that if there are any complaints or disputes, the English version of these pages will apply. And to say the same in Chinese: 优信 App 中的某些页面可能也提供中文版本。请注意,该页面所提供的中文版本未必百分百准确和完整。如果有 任何投诉或争议,应以该页面的英文版本为准。

Oh, and sometimes we use emojis. Don’t be alarmed! 🚨They are just for fun. 😊

Providing our services to you💞

We provide our products and services through the Trust App. We hope you enjoy using them! You’ll need to be resident in Singapore and own a smart phone with internet access. If you access the Trust App from outside of Singapore (or use an app store other than a Singapore app store), we may not be authorised to provide you with our products or services, or your access may be limited. You need to allow us to access your information via SingPass and MyInfo for verification and assessment of your suitability of our products and services. If you do not, your access to features on the Trust App may be limited. You must only use our products and services for your own personal use. You must not use them for business purposes. You're responsible for all transactions made using our products and services so you must not allow anyone else to use your account. We may decline your application for any products or services and don't need to give you a reason. We are a new bank. We are excited about what’s ahead. We will continue to develop our products and services, we may introduce new ones, and we may change, improve or terminate our existing ones at any time.

Our relationship with FairPrice Group🤝

We have partnered with FairPrice Group to serve your banking needs and provide you with greater financial accessibility and affordability. We're very proud of this relationship and we believe you’ll see the benefits in our products and services! We may share your personal data with FairPrice Group for the purposes listed in our Customer Privacy Notice. This includes allowing us and FairPrice Group to use your data to improve our and their products and services.

Important ground rules for you👱‍♂️

Take note of these important requirements. You confirm that:

  • None of the money or assets in your accounts are proceeds of crime.

  • You’ll comply with all laws and regulations relating to your use of our products and services.

  • You'll provide us with complete and accurate documents or information as we may require, and update us if there is any change to any of these documents or information.

  • You have never been, you aren't, and you don't intend to file for bankruptcy, and you aren't aware of any bankruptcy proceedings against you.

Keeping in touch✍️

It’s so important that we can stay in touch with you. You agree we can contact you electronically via the Trust App, email, phone, or by mail, using the contact details we have on record for you. When we contact you, we won't ask you to click on any link in our email or SMS, or to disclose your PIN. You must inform us as soon as possible (within 14 days at the latest) of any change to your personal details (such as your name, phone number, identification information, email address, tax status or residential address).

You can contact us via the Trust App or call us at (+65) 313-87878 (313-TRUST).😀

Your Trust card💳

For some of our products or services, we may provide you with a Trust card. Your Trust card belongs to us and you can’t transfer it to anyone else.

If a new physical Trust card is sent to you, you will not be responsible for any amount charged using the physical card until you activate it. However, if the new card is a replacement card, you will be responsible for all recurring payments, instalment payments and other payment instructions which will transfer from your existing Trust card to your new Trust card, even before being activated. You may dispute any transaction made on your Trust card via the Trust App. We may require you to provide further information. You may be charged an administrative fee if your dispute is not substantiated.

Supplementary cards

These General Terms and Conditions also apply to you in respect of any supplementary cards you hold in respect of the terms below:

  • If your main cardholder locks his/her card, you can still use your supplementary card. 

  • Some promotions and rewards may not be applicable to you. For more information, please see the Key Facts Sheet and Product Terms. 

  • If we suspend or close the main cardholder’s account, you will not be able to use your supplementary card and account.

  • The main cardholder is liable for the amounts you charge to your supplementary card. This means that the sections titled “Credit limits and outstanding amounts” and “Statements” below do not apply to you.

  • You cannot terminate the supplementary card. Only the main cardholder can do so. 

The rest of the General Terms and Conditions will still apply to you as a Savings Account customer

Digital wallet👛

This section applies if you add your Trust card to your device. It’s a cool way to use your card – you should try it! If you add your Trust card to your device, you can use your device in pretty much the same way as a physical card.

You need a valid Singapore mobile number to add your Trust card to your device (your digital wallet). After your Trust card is successfully added to your digital wallet, you can use it to pay in shops, restaurants, or pretty much anywhere that accepts Visa. We recommend that you keep the notification function for your digital wallet turned on. If your Trust card is cancelled or locked, you won’t be able to use it in your digital wallet (even if you can still see it). 

Your Trust card may be removed from your digital wallet by the digital wallet provider, or for security reasons. Use of your Trust card in your digital wallet may be disrupted or terminated for reasons outside our control. We may change the type of transactions allowed or apply limits. The digital wallet provider’s legal terms (including their privacy policy) also apply.

Transferring money😀➡️😁

You must make sure that you provide accurate information before you make any transfers. Most transfers happen instantly, but some transfers can take longer. We cannot guarantee the time when the recipient will receive your transfer, so we recommend you make transfers sufficiently ahead of time to avoid incurring fees or delays. If we return a transfer amount, we'll do this within a reasonable time and deduct any relevant fees and expenses. We may set limits on the amount of money you can transfer daily. Limits may differ for different transfer methods and apply on a total basis across all transfers. You may be able to change your limits as long as they're within the limits set by us and by law.

Credit limits and outstanding amounts↕

We will set a credit limit that applies to your unsecured credit facilities with us, for example, credit cards and personal loans. We may review and revise your credit limit, usually by giving you 30 days' notice, for example, if you later apply for credit with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Ltd (Standard Chartered), for regulatory reasons, or as we may otherwise decide.

You must not exceed your credit limit. If you do, you must pay us the outstanding amount that exceeds your credit limit immediately. Subject to any laws that might apply, we may allow a transaction that would result in you exceeding your credit limit. We may also set credit limit rules which allow you to spend only a percentage of your credit limit.

Some customers may be subject to maximum credit limits set by regulation. If this applies to you, and you also have unsecured credit facilities with Standard Chartered, your maximum credit limit will apply to both Standard Chartered and Trust as an overall credit limit. We may ask you to decide how you wish to allocate the overall credit limit granted to you by both banks. We may use your personal data (such as your name, date of birth, NRIC, telephone number, and email address) to check with the Credit Bureau and Standard Chartered if you're a Standard Chartered customer. We'll also share with Standard Chartered changes to your income, credit limit and your status, if you are subject to a credit limit set by regulation and remain a customer of both banks.

Your banking instructions📝

We’ll act on your banking instructions as soon as we can. You must give your instructions using our approved channels. You’re bound by any instruction if we act on it in good faith, even if it's incorrect, false or unclear, or wasn’t given or authorised by you. We may delay, refuse, or cancel any instruction (or part of any instruction) without informing you and without giving you a reason. For example, if the instruction is unclear, not given using our approved channels, if our internal checks show that it was not given by you, if we’re unable to act due to market conditions, or for any reasons beyond our control.

If you ask us to cancel or reverse an earlier instruction or a transaction, we’ll try to do so but might not be able to, for example if the transaction is already completed. You must pay any costs related to this kind of request.

If your instructions involve a currency conversion, the conversion will be done at the prevailing exchange rate determined by us at the relevant time, unless stated otherwise in the product’s Key Facts Sheet.

We may treat instructions that we receive on a non-business day as received on the next business day. We may record your instructions and you agree the record will be conclusive evidence of your instructions.


Your monthly statements are on the Trust App. We won't normally send statements to you. It’s really easy to check your statements on the Trust App. You must check your statements and tell us if there are any errors within 14 days from the statement date. After 14 days, the statement will be deemed to be correct and final, and legally binding, unless the error is our fault. You'll only be able to access statements from the previous 7 years.

Electronic alerts🆕📨

We provide automatic alerts to tell you about your transactions as part of our services and products, including if required by regulation. These electronic alerts are sent to your email address on our records or by push notification. We may change the types of electronic alerts available without telling you. You must make sure that you're able to receive our electronic alerts. We may send these electronic alerts in real time or group these notifications and send them to you at a fixed time.

The availability, timeliness, accuracy, and readability of electronic alerts may depend on connectivity and services provided by third parties. You're still responsible for safeguarding the security and ensuring authorised use of your accounts and our products and services.

Trust Key📱

Trust Key is a 6-digit PIN, used to authorise certain transactions, as an extra layer of security. When setting up your Trust Key, we recommend that you choose a PIN that's different from your login passcode. After you've set up your Trust Key, there is a 12-hour waiting period before you can use it. Your Trust Key can only be set on the Trust App on your current mobile device. If you change your mobile device, the Trust Key on your previous device will be disabled.

Security procedures and your responsibility🔑

You must protect your Trust card and accounts. This is really important! You must follow our security guidelines, including:

  • Sign the card as soon as you receive it. Keep it in a safe place and do not let anyone else use it.

  • Tell us immediately if your Trust card is lost or stolen and lock your Trust card on the Trust App.

  • Don’t tell anyone else your PIN, Trust Key, or login credentials or write them anywhere. If you think your PIN, Trust Key or login credentials have been disclosed to someone else, you can reset them on the Trust App or activate App Lock by leaving us a message in our live chat or by calling us in-app or at (+65) 313-87878 (313-TRUST). App Lock will prevent anyone from signing into your Trust App and you will not be able to make transactions using your Trust card. However, your scheduled transfers will still happen and you can still receive incoming funds.

  • Tell us immediately if you change your mobile number, device or email address.

  • Tell us immediately if your email address or mobile device has been compromised.

  • Apply updates and patches to your mobile device as provided by the operating system provider.

  • Use PIN numbers that aren't easily guessed. Your date of birth and unit number aren't suitable! And regularly change your PIN.

You can ask us via our in-app chat to lock your card or by using the “lock card” feature on the Trust App. While your card is locked in this way, you can’t use it for physical or electronic transactions. This is a cool feature that’ll help you keep your card secure while you aren’t using it. We’ll still apply any interest or fees due on your card while it is locked. Locking your card like this does not cancel it but If you have any standing payment arrangements, these will no longer work.

Promotions and rewards, including Linkpoints🎁

We're excited about the offers we’ll have for you. Sometimes we may offer you promotions or rewards and that includes Linkpoints!😀

Information about our offers will be available on the Trust App, on our website, or in our messages to you. We may change or cancel these offers at any time. We'll try to give you notice, but we don’t have to.

For some of our products or services, you need to be a Link member and you must agree to the Link Rewards Programme legal terms, including their privacy policy. We're not responsible for the Link Rewards Programme offered by our business partner, FairPrice Group. On the Trust App, you may be able to see some information about the Linkpoints that you have earned using your Trust card. If you think there's a mistake, please let us know.

Promotions, rewards or prizes provided by other organisations are subject to the other organisation’s legal terms and privacy policy. We're not responsible fora promotion, reward or prize you receive from a third party.

You cannot exchange any promotion, reward or prize for an alternative or for cash. Our promotions are pretty awesome, so we're sure you won't want to exchange them anyway! 😁 You also cannot use promotions and rewards together with any other discounts, promotions or vouchers unless we say otherwise.

If we suspect any fraud or breach, we can take back or reverse the promotion, reward or prize, or deduct an equivalent amount from your account. You're not allowed to receive promotions, rewards or prizes if your Trust account is not valid or if there is any issue with your accounts. We get to decide if you have met the requirements of any promotions/rewards. Our decision is final.

Collection, use and disclosure of your information🔐

We keep your information confidential. Such information includes information that relates to you, your accounts with us, any product or service we provide to you, and your transactions and dealings between us. However, you agree there will be times when we'll collect, use, disclose or transfer your information to third parties (in or outside Singapore) for such purposes as we think fit, and (for personal data) for the purposes described in our Customer Privacy Notice, including to:

  • Other members of the Standard Chartered group and our business partners, including FairPrice Group and Income Insurance Limited.

  • Any professional adviser, auditor, consultant, insurer, agent, contractor or third party service provider (including to help us recover overdue amounts), and sub-contractors.

  • Any proposed investor, purchaser, transferee, assignee, or collaborator of or in our business.

  • Any person as required by law, regulation or guidance issued by any authority or association. 

  • Any person as required by any investigation, demand or request from any authority.

  • Any court, tribunal, regulator, enforcement agency, tax authority, credit bureau or any other authority. The consent that you provide for us to conduct credit checks with any credit bureau will take effect once we determine that your application (including necessary documents and verification) with us is complete.

  • Third party reward, loyalty, co-branding, and privileges program providers.

  • Any person who has given security in our favour for any of your liabilities to us.

  • Your legal representative and their legal advisers upon your death or mental incapacity.

Tax compliance📋

You confirm that you have not committed or been convicted of any serious tax crimes, and you are not subject to any such investigation or criminal proceedings, in or outside Singapore, including tax avoidance and tax evasion and you’re not aware of such investigations/proceedings against you. And you confirm you won't use our products or services for illegal tax activities, including tax avoidance or tax evasion. You also understand and agree that:

  • Any amount payable by you to us is subject to all laws and regulations, including any tax requirements, and foreign exchange restrictions or controls. 

  • You're liable for any taxes payable for any transaction under these terms (and we're not liable).

  • We can debit, withhold or deduct any taxes from payments to you or from your accounts.

  • You're responsible for complying with your tax obligations (including tax payments or filing of returns, any income reporting requirements or other required documentation relating to the payment of all relevant taxes) under the laws in any location that apply to you. 

  • We have not and will not provide any tax advice.

Unlawful activities❌

You must not use our products or services for any illegitimate or illegal purpose, for example to pay debts incurred in connection with online gambling, wagering, or betting activities, or to purchase goods or services which any risks on Trust.

You confirm that you're not subject to any sanctions administered or enforced by any relevant authorities, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the UK Treasury, the European Union, the US Department of State or the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury. You also confirm that you're not located or resident in a country or territory that is, or whose government is, subject to sanctions. You must not use your accounts or our credit facilities, or lend, contribute or make available funds to any person (directly or indirectly) in any way that would violate sanctions.

We may take any action (for example, placing a hold on your and your supplementary cardholder’s accounts or freezing the assets in your accounts) to meet any obligation or requirement, in any location, to enforce any sanction or to detect, investigate, report or prevent any financial crime (for example, fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, corruption or tax evasion). We won't carry out any transactions we deem suspicious, and we don't need to tell you about this.


You must pay us the fees and interest due, as set out on the Trust App or website, or according to what we tell you. This also includes goods and services tax (GST), if it applies. If a negative interest rate applies to any currency, we may impose negative interest on any account credit balance you have in that currency.

If we delay in debiting your account for any fees, it doesn't mean we're waiving our rights. Also, if the debiting of an account would cause it to be overdrawn, we may consider it as you requesting an unauthorised overdraft. If that happens, you may be required to pay us interest as shown on your Trust App and an arrangement fee for the overdraft or the increased overdraft.

We may receive benefits or payments from third parties directly or indirectly for any products or services. If we do, we don’t have to let you know about these benefits or payments or pay them to you (unless we are legally required to do so)

See the relevant product’s Key Facts Sheet for more details on applicable fees and interest.

Paying your liabilities to us (for example fees or borrowings)🎛️

We may at any time debit any of your accounts to pay and reduce any debt you may owe us (whether due or not). If this requires a currency conversion, we'll convert your monies at the prevailing exchange rate determined by us at the time. You must pay us for any shortfall that is still outstanding. Unless there’s an obvious mistake, any certificate we issue or decision we make about the amount you owe us is conclusive evidence. We may also dispose of your assets with us (or within our control) and apply the proceeds (after deducting our reasonable expenses) to reduce any debt you may owe us. To do this, we may exercise a security interest (known as a lien) over your assets. We'll inform you as soon as we can if we take any of these actions.

Unauthorised transactions😱

You must contact us immediately if you find or suspect any unauthorised transactions, your Trust card is lost or stolen, your PIN is disclosed or if you know (or you are told) that you have received funds that you are not entitled to. Contact us via the Trust App or by calling us at (+65) 313-87878 (313-TRUST). We'll acknowledge your report. If you're unable to contact us immediately, you must provide us with a good reason for the delay. You must also cooperate with us in our investigations. We'll try to help you, but we may not always be able to reverse unauthorised transactions. Your responsibility for your and your supplementary cardholders’ unauthorised transactions will be limited to S$100, but only if:

  • You immediately contact us as required above.

  • You help us try to recover the unauthorised transactions.

  • You give us a statutory declaration, a police report, and other information, if we ask you to.

  • We're satisfied that the unauthorised transactions aren't due to your fraud, negligence, recklessness or breach of these terms.

If we think that your account may be compromised, we may ask you to identify yourself via alternative methods, confirm instructions via alternative methods, or decline to act on any instructions, in order to protect you.


We think it’s important and fair to tell you the situations when we won't be responsible. We're not responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of your use of our products and services, unless the law requires us to be responsible. Here are some examples of the kinds of things we're not responsible for:

  • Things that are unavoidable despite us using reasonable care and skill.

  • If we can’t complete a transaction at a price or rate quoted because of a fluctuation in exchange rates or market fluctuation.

  • Any act/omission by us (or our officers, employees, or agents) except as a result of our negligence, recklessness or fraud.

  • Any interruption, delay or failure that has been notified to you beforehand.

  • Any interruption, delay or failure that is beyond our reasonable control, for example hardware breakdowns, power outages, software glitches, or problems with a third party system or network, including those used by merchants.

  • Any failure of a merchant, financial institution or other person to accept our products and services.

  • Any defect or deficiency in any goods or services supplied to you by any merchant, financial institution or any other person. You must resolve any complaint against a merchant, financial institution or any other person with them (not us), and no claim against any of them may be claimed or deducted against us. 

  • The negligence, fraud, act, omission or insolvency of you or any third party.

  • A change in law or regulation, monetary, political or economic conditions, or exchange or capital controls or other moratorium or restrictions on currency exchange or remittance, in or outside Singapore. 

In addition, we're not responsible under any circumstances for loss you or any other person suffers if the loss resulted from circumstances we couldn’t or shouldn’t have been expected to know about. You'll indemnify us for any loss we suffer from your misuse of our products or services, or you not complying with our terms, including costs we incur from taking legal action.

Links to other websites💻

On the Trust App, and on our website, there are links to other apps, websites or services. We're not responsible in any way for any third party’s (including our business partner's) apps, websites or services.

Termination or suspension of our relationship🏦🔚

We hope it does not come to this, but if you wish to close any of your accounts, you'll need to: (a) make sure any account balance is zero (we suggest you transfer any remaining balance to another account), (b) pay us any amount you and your supplementary cardholders owe us and settle any unpaid transactions, (c) cancel or modify any arrangements you have, including regular payments and other standing arrangements, and (d) inform us via the Trust App. It may take up to 30 days for us to close your account. During this time, we may continue to process your transactions. We'll be sorry to see you go.😢

We may stop you and your supplementary cardholders from using your accounts (what we call a suspension) or terminate any of your accounts or your use of our products or services. We'll normally give you 30 days’ notice (or, in exceptional circumstances, without notice). Here are some reasons why we may do this:

  • We can’t verify your identity or the source of your money, or if you give us false information.

  • There has been, or we think that there has been, a breach of law or regulation, or of these terms.

  • We need to protect you or us from any unauthorised use, fraud or other losses.

  • You’re no longer eligible to bank with us.

  • We’re required to do so by law or to comply with a regulator or other authority’s requirements.

  • Your account remains inactive for a period of time – and we can decide what is a reasonable period of time.

If we close your accounts, no fees (including annual fees) will be refunded. We’ll pay you any remaining balance after deducting any amount you owe us. If your balance is insufficient to pay in full any amount you owe us, you’ll need to repay us the outstanding balance immediately. Terms relating to your liabilities to us, fees, indemnities, liability and disclosure of your information, currency conversion and tax compliance survive after termination. If your account is closed, you and your supplementary cardholders (if any) must destroy any Trust cards issued with the account. The Trust cards won't work anymore.

Suggestions and complaints💡

If you’re not impressed with our service, or wish to give us feedback or suggestions, please contact us and we'll do our best to resolve the matter. We may use your feedback in any way. If you complain, and you're dissatisfied with how we handle your complaint, you can approach the Financial Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (FIDReC) for an independent review and resolution of your complaint. Please visit FIDReC’s website ( for more information.

Intellectual property

The contents of our website and the Trust App are owned by us (or licensed to us). The contents are protected by copyright (or other rights). You must not copy, distribute, publish, reverse engineer or decompile the contents without our permission.


Singapore law applies to our terms. We hope not to have disputes, but, in the unlikely event it happens, disputes will be settled by the Singapore courts. If we need to start legal proceedings against you or recover monies from you through any other means, we (or our appointed representatives) can serve any documents on you by email to your last known email address (or by ordinary post to your last known address), whether you are in Singapore or overseas. You are deemed to have received any documents sent in these ways on the date the email was sent (if sent by email), or on the date immediately after the date of the letter (if sent by ordinary post), even if the documents are returned undelivered.

Other legal terms and conditions▶️📄

We can transfer our rights (or allow any interest in them to arise) without your consent. You can only do so if we agree in writing. Unless we say so, a person who isn't a party to our terms has no right to enforce them. Our rights and obligations relating to you are not affected by any dispute or claim you and the supplementary cardholder may have against each other. We may appoint agents or other third parties (inside or outside Singapore) to help us provide our products and services. We reserve all our rights.

Changes to our terms🗒️

We may change our terms for any reason. We'll tell you about changes by email or through the Trust App. Usually, for changes that result in an increase in fees and/or affect your liabilities and obligations, we'll give you at least 30 days’ notice (unless these changes aren't within our control). If you continue to use our products or services after our terms have changed, it means that you agree to the changes. If you don't agree, you should immediately close your accounts. You can do this without incurring additional fees. You made it! Don’t forget to read the product terms next!💫🤗 Last updated on: 28 March 2023, Version: 8